Thank you for trying the new Search and Save tool by Your feedback during the beta testing period is appreciated! Send comments to . Future plans include adding additional data sources for the search and adding the ability to export the saved search results to a csv file.

Search and Save (Beta)

Keep track of your most relevant search results

...and save selected search results here.

Whenever you click the "copy" link below a search result to the left, the search result will be added below. Each saved search result will remain listed below while you conduct additional searches in the left column. To export the saved search results, simply highlight the results you saved below, copy, and paste them into a word processor or text file.

Note: Refreshing the page will clear the saved search items!

Perform searches here...

Clicking "Search" will initiate a simultaneous Google search of patents, books, the world wide web, and blogs. The search results will appear below. Browse the search results and click "copy" below each search result that you want to save. The saved result will then appear in the column to the right.